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Radiation Safety

This training program was developed in full compliance with the Code of Federal Regulation Title 10 part 34.43 Training. It has been designed to ensure technicians are properly educated in the hazards of radiographic testing for both X-ray and Gamma radiation sources preparing students for formal certification in Radiation Safety.
  • Fundamentals of radiation safety including.
    • Characteristics of gamma radiation.
    • Units of radiation dose and quantity of radioactivity.
    • Hazards of exposure to radiation.
    • Levels of radiation from licensed material.
    • Methods of controlling radiation dose (time, distance, and shielding).
  • Radiation detection instruments including.
    • Use, operation, calibration, and limitations of radiation survey instruments.
    • Survey techniques.
    • Use of personnel monitoring equipment.
  • Equipment to be used including.
    • Operation and control of radiographic exposure equipment, remote handling equipment, and storage containers, including models of source assemblies.
    • Storage, control, and disposal of licensed material.
    • Inspection and maintenance of equipment.
  • The requirements of pertinent Federal regulations.
  • Case histories of accidents in radiography.
  • State Regulations for Controlling Radiation.
  • Biological effects of radiation.
  • Emergency procedures.
This is a 40-hour course which satisfies the training hours needed for formal certification in radiation safety in accordance with Title 10 CFR part 34.43.

Please call for scheduling before completing purchase of course. 218-851-8347

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Training Class

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NIA’s Radiation Safety program is approved by the Texas Department of State Health Services for more information contact:
Industrial Licensing Program
Texas Department of State Health Services
Radiation Section – MC 1986
P.O. Box 149347
Austin, Texas 78714-9347
Office Phone: (512) 834-4588