Corporate Training Points Program

The National Inspection Academy understands that often company level IIIs do not have the time or resources to provide several hours of NDT training to individual employees. 

Because of this, NIA is introducing the Corporate Training Points Program. 

This program allows corporations to purchase bulk course points at a discounted fixed price to be utilized as they see fit to provide their employees with the online training portion of any NIA course. 

If a corporation would also like NIA to provide the hands-on element to a training program as well an additional point will be charged. 

The points never expire and can be used for any current or future course offerings. 

Course Title Points
Introduction to NDT 0.5
Visual Testing Level I/II 1
Magnetic Particle Testing Level I/II 1
Magnetic Particle Testing - Aerospace 1
Liquid Penetrant Testing Level I/II1
Liquid Penetrant Testing – Aerospace1
Magnetic Flux Leakage Level I/II1
Ultrasonic Testing Level I1
Ultrasonic Testing Level II1
Radiographic Testing Level I1
Radiographic Testing Level II1
40-Hour Radiation Safety1
Eddy Current Testing Level I1
Eddy Current Testing Level II1
Hands-On Training per course1
Points PackagePrice
6 Point Bundle$3000
10 Point Bundle$4500
20 Point Bundle$8000

As an example, your company purchases a 6 points package.

  • Two employees are enrolled in the MT I/II online course = 2 Points.
  • One employee is enrolled in the UT Level I and Level II online courses = 2 Points.

Two employees are enrolled in the 40-hour radiation safety program = 2 points. Total course cost to employer 3000.00.  If individual online courses only were purchases: 3500.00.  A savings of $500.00.

This initiative was created to cater to businesses that already have an NDT program. It enables them to integrate NIA’s online training modules with their in-house practical training.

NIA’s online courses are available on-demand through their learning management system. This flexibility empowers employees to log in and learn at their convenience, from any location with internet connectivity.

Upon completing the online segment, employees will finalize their training by undergoing essential hands-on instruction, facilitated either by their company or, if preferred, by NIA.

“For group discounts, please get in touch with NIA.”