Benefits of NDT Careers

NDT Offers Flexibility

For those fleeing the monotony of the nine-to-five job, NDT certification may be the key to freedom. Flexibility and variety are pillars of the nondestructive testing field. This is mainly due to the wide variety of industries that are supported by nondestructive testing.

Nondestructive testing is typically used in circumstances in which the assets under inspection are too expensive or sensitive for rigorous testing that risks damaging the instrument.

Whether it is infrastructure, renewable energy, transportation, and countless fields in between, nondestructive testing is great for a career transition because each job feels like a new experience. Every technician can incorporate as much or as little variety as they choose, depending on which particular job they are assigned for the day.

Especially if monotony was the catalyst for a new job search, a career in nondestructive testing is an excellent choice.

NDT Offers Job Security

If the crisis of 2020 has taught us anything, it is that job security is a critical factor when deciding on a new career. When it comes to stability and security, nondestructive testing is always a safe bet.

When many industries around the world stalled production or closed their doors completely, nondestructive testing remained an essential service because there will always be infrastructure, assets, light poles, and more to be tested and restored across the country.

Nondestructive testing is a vital support to sustain fields like energy and waste, all of which are essential services. As long as there is power in the world, NDT will be needed to support it and keep civilians safe.

For those worried about job security after making a career leap, nondestructive testing is a safe bet.

NDT Offers Upward Mobility

It may feel like it’s time for a new career when you’ve hit the highest ceiling in your career. With limited (or no) options for advancement, you may feel trapped in your current job. Nondestructive testing is a career designed to encourage growth and upward mobility for all technicians who seek it. For those with a growth mindset, NDT is a perfect choice.

When working on your NDT certifications, you’ll receive a new level of expertise at each level. From Level I Limited Certification– in which technicians have limited amounts of independence and receive significant support and supervision from more advanced technicians– to NDT Level III Certification– which offers technicians much more freedom and independence– high-achieving technicians can continually move up in the NDT field.

Even for those technicians who have reached the highest level of NDT certification, there is a wide variety of testing methods still to conquer. As the adage says, variety is the spice of life, and a career in NDT offers variety to all those who seek it.

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