The National Inspection Academy (NIA) provides the most comprehensive, convenient, and affordable NDT training available in Chicago, Illinois. Our hybrid educational program offers you the convenience of online NDT training from wherever you may live.  Online training is followed by hands-on NDT training at our facility in Baxter, Minnesota. The combination of our online NDT curriculum and 15 days of hands-on training provides you with the experience needed with the most up-to-date NDT equipment. Our NDT training program in Chicago, IL gives you the skills needed to enter a rewarding career in nondestructive testing.

NDT training in Chicago, IL equips technicians in an essential form of inspection for many different industries. NDT does not damage or destroy usable materials during inspection, saving businesses time and money. The NDT industry is growing rapidly and is expected to be valued at $23.1 billion by the year 2024.

NDT Training And Certification In Chicago, IL

NDT training is required to work in the NDT industry in Chicago, IL. The National Inspection Academy is one of the highest ranked NDT schools in the U.S. and is one of the only institutes to offer an online/hands-on hybrid training program in Chicago, IL. Our NDT Career Program is licensed by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education. Our training program will prepare you for NDT certification by an NDT employer. Our NDT Career Program in Chicago, IL offers flexibility with start dates 12 times per year.

An individual must earn an official Nondestructive Testing Certification to become an NDT technician.  All technicians must receive NDT educational training, whether traditional or through an NDT training program in Chicago, IL.  Work experience in NDT methods is also needed.

NDT certification verifies an individual has the knowledge and experience needed to perform one or more nondestructive testing methods and to carry out the responsibilities of their job. Prerequisites for NDT certifications in Chicago, IL depend on which level the technician is aiming for and which inspection method they would like to specialize in. NDT training in Chicago, IL offers three different levels of certification:

NDT Level I technicians do not need as many hours of training or experience.

NDT Level II technicians require more training and experience.

NDT Level III technicians obtain the highest level of training and experience.

NDT training in Chicago, IL and work experience hours are also dependent on the inspection method that the technician chooses to study. Simpler methods typically require fewer hours than more complex methods. For example, visual testing requires 16 training hours and 70-140 work experience hours, while ultrasonic testing requires 80 training hours and 210-840 work experience hours.

NDT Technicians, Work Experience And Exams In Chicago, IL

The American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) outlines that work experience must be supervised by a qualified administrator. NDT work experience must involve tasks that fall under the NDT technician’s test method, including performing the inspection and any related activities. However, work experience does not include time spent in an NDT training program in Chicago, IL. 

Once a technician has completed their NDT training and work experience, they must pass their certification examinations.  Passing grades must be at least a 70 percent on each individual exam and a minimum of 80 percent composite score.

Exams for all NDT technicians are composed of three parts: Level Is and Level IIs must complete a general exam focusing on general knowledge of the specific NDT method, a specific exam based on their company’s procedures and a practical exam that tests their ability to perform their inspection method.

To become certified as a Level III technician the candidate must meet specific exam and experience hour requirements.  ASNT NDT Level III certification candidates are required to pass both the NDT Basic and a method examination to receive the ASNT NDT Level III certificate.

NDT Training Courses In Chicago, IL

Prospective NDT technicians have a few different options when it comes to fulfilling their training requirements. NDT training programs in Chicago, IL can be completed through:

  • Traditional colleges and universities
  • Vocational or technical schools
  • Commercial training companies
  • NDT company training departments
  • The United States military

NDT Training In Chicago, IL And Program Options

Traditional colleges and universities can also benefit students by providing them with more in-depth knowledge of their inspection method and of the NDT field as a whole. Schools such as Texas A&M, Iowa State University, Virginia Tech, West Virginia University and the University of Illinois offer NDT courses within a specialized degree program, such as aerospace or civil and environmental engineering.

But potential NDT technicians don’t have to go through a formal higher education program to fulfill their prerequisites. Vocational and technical schools across the country offer NDT programs that provide many of the benefits of a four-year institution in a shorter period of time. Students that complete the two years of coursework can reduce the number of training hours needed for their certification.

The United States Army, Navy and Air Force offer NDT training programs to enlisted members. Future NDT technicians will need to complete the basic military training that all recruits must finish, then will go through training to become an NDT technician. Once they earn their certification, they are then eligible to be employed as a technician in the U.S. military.

Commercial training companies have locations across the country – and, in some cases, across the globe – where future technicians can take courses specifically geared toward preparing them for certification exams.  At NIA, we offer customized NDT training online in Chicago, IL and in-person in Baxter, MN to fit your certification requirements.

NDT Training Online In Chicago, IL

If a technician cannot attend training courses in a physical location, some companies offer NDT training online in Chicago, IL to make the education process more convenient. The National Inspection Academy (NIA) offers a full training program for Level I and II technicians specializing in ultrasonic, radiographic, eddy current, magnetic flux leakage, magnetic particle, liquid penetrant and visual testing.

Although online NDT training can be taken in any location, training programs will often include an in-person portion for technicians to gain hands-on training. NIA’s online program in Chicago, IL is predominantly virtual, but technicians are required to attend courses in-person for 15 days at their facility in Baxter, MN.

Our NDT training program in Chicago, IL includes all required study material and books for your online training, which takes approximately 6 months. Our NDT Career Program offers flexibility with start dates 12 times per year.

Students don’t have to give up all of the benefits of a traditional institution when pursuing training through an NDT company. NIA, for example, offers job placement assistance and financial aid to students needing help in Chicago, IL.

Timeline Of NDT Training In Chicago, IL

NDT training programs in Chicago, IL can vary in length. Ultimately, students need to have the total number of hours completed for their inspection method and certification level, which can vary. At the same time, the institution that provides the training may have a different timeline.

Formal educational institutions, such as undergraduate colleges and universities or community/technical schools, will usually have a specified timeline of either two or four years, depending on the school or the degree being pursued. During this time, the student can complete the required training hours and may even be cross-trained in other skills or disciplines.

The length of NDT training for enlisted military is also dependent on the branch that they choose to serve in. All military members will have to complete their branch’s basic training requirements, which all last between eight and ten weeks.

Once a member of the military graduates basic training, they will then undergo their branch’s requirements for NDT training. In the U.S. Air Force, this period will last 49 days at the tech school in Pensacola, Florida. The Navy requires nine weeks for visual, liquid penetrant and magnetic particle testing, with an additional seven weeks for ultrasonic testing or eleven weeks for radiographic testing.

In contrast, NIA’s online NDT training program in Chicago, IL only lasts six months for the virtual training. Students can access their training courses 24 hours a day in Chicago, IL. When the six months of virtual training is completed, students then take three weeks (15 days) of courses at the training facility in Minnesota.

NDT Training Certification Renewal

Unfortunately, NDT certifications don’t last forever; technicians need to prove that they are keeping up with changing technologies and methods by becoming recertified at specific intervals. The recertification intervals vary with each level of certification.

In general, Level I and II NDT technicians must be renew their certification at least every three years. In that period, the technician must have at least two months (or 350 hours) of documented work experience in their inspection method. They must also be able to pass a specific exam with the same requirements as their initial certification exam.

Level III technicians have a little more leeway when becoming recertified; they have up to five years before having to renew their certification. In addition to retaking a specific examination, technicians will also have to take a practical exam equivalent to their original certification exam.

When seeking recertification, Level III technicians can earn at least 25 recertification points instead of retaking their exam. Recertification points show that the technician has continued to work in their inspection method or has gained knowledge in related technologies.

Our team at NIA will help make your job search process easier by helping you keep track of your certifications and on-the-job training in your easy-to-access profile. From helping you find work to keeping you up-to-date on your NDT training in Chicago, IL, our team is prepared to help you manage your industrial inspection career.

The National Inspection Academy offers NDT training programs in Chicago, IL that provide the flexibility and experience you need to launch a new career or renew your NDT certification.  Reach out today to learn more about our NDT training options in Chicago, IL.