Baxter, MN – The National Inspection Academy, a Minnesota-based non-profit organization, is delighted to announce the commencement of its exceptional nondestructive testing (NDT) training programs.

Welcome to National Inspection Academy

In response to a nationwide demand for skilled trades and qualified technicians to perform critical inspections, the National Inspection Academy (NIA) is stepping forward to bridge this workforce gap. NIA’s mission is to provide essential education in Nondestructive and Construction Material Testing through a dynamic hybrid training environment, encompassing both online and hands-on learning.

NIA is dedicated to fostering inclusivity and diversity within the inspection industry. To accomplish this, we will actively seek grants and funding opportunities to support our primary mission. Our focus will be on providing training to veterans, minorities, women, and others who are seeking a high paying skilled career. NIA will also collaborate with apprenticeship programs and other organizations to promote outreach and education to the general public, thereby strengthening the inspection industry. Funding sources for these initiatives will include supporter fees, proceeds from publication sales, sponsor donations, training course fees, and grant acquisition.

Mission Statement

NIA is committed to delivering high-quality, cost-effective inspection training for industries including infrastructure, alternative energy, petrochemical, aerospace, and commercial sectors. Our core activities will revolve around offering technical education in Nondestructive Testing (NDT), Construction Material Testing (CMT), and preparing students for recognized inspection industry technical certifications.

Our Training Programs Offer

NIA’s NDT Career Program immerses students in the world of nondestructive testing, providing them with a comprehensive training program that includes Level I and Level II training in seven highly sought-after NDT methods, along with a comprehensive radiation safety training course. This level of education equips students with a diverse training background that is in high demand among employers, setting them apart from those with limited training.

Our innovative hybrid training program divides the lecture and laboratory training components into separate segments, offering a flexible learning environment for our students.

About National Inspection Academy

The National Inspection Academy was founded by three of the NDT industry’s top professionals: John Pariseau, Tom Stokke, and Brent Moulton. Recognizing the significant gap in quality NDT training within the industry, they set out to develop a comprehensive training package that provides students with the in-depth knowledge and skills desired by NDT companies.

By tailoring their approach to the industry’s specific needs, NIA ensures that students receive the necessary training to excel in the field of nondestructive testing.